Conformity Signs


The Common Customs Union Circulation Conformity Sign testifies that products marked with it have passed
all procedures of conformity stated in the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and complies with all
its requirements. This is confirmed by certain documents like TR-CU-/EAC-Certificates or -Declarations of Conformity.



Here you can see an example of this sign 

EAC means EurAsian Community.

The dimensions of the EAC-Sign are to be chosen by the manufacturer, but the base size must not be less
than 5 mm. It is very important that the proportions and typeset remain the same. The dimensions must guarantee the sharpness and visibility of all its elements with naked eye on a general coloured background
of equipment.

The EAC-Sign can be produced with any way that provides its clear and sharp image during the whole
life of equipment.

The EAC-Sign must be applied to the frame of every single piece of equipment, packaging or supplementary documentation. The image should be single-coloured and contrasting with the colour of the surface it is
applied at. It is allowed to apply it only at the packaging or the documentation if the size of equipment
is not large enough to fit the sign.



The EX-Sign may be applied only to products that comply with the EX-standards and -requirements of the Customs Union which has to be proven by a valid TR-CU-EX-Certificate. 



Here you can see an example of this sign







Here you can see an example for an EAC-serial-plate




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