Gost-R-Certificate/-Declaration for export to Russia

During the past years, the previous Gost-R-Certificate resp. the Gost-R-Declaration has been replaced
almost completely by the TR-CU-/EAC-Certificate (see chapters TR-CU-Certificate or TR-CU-Declaration).
The reason for that is the Customs Union.

A Gost-R-Certificate is a Certificate of Conformity which is valid only in Russia. It is necessary  for the
import or customs. It is still issued only for a few products because most products in the meantime need a

The certificate-holder/applicant for a Gost-R-Certificate can be the producer or exporter (exception:
1-lot Gost-R-Certificate). It does not have to be a Russian company.

There are Gost-R-Certificates resp. Gost-R-Declarations with a validity of 1-3 years or 1-lot Certificates
which are valid only for one specific delivery.

For serial Certification (1-3 years) according to Gosstandard-norm (scheme 3a) a company-visit and an
analysis of the production-process will be done at your factory by Russian specialists. Evtl. also a
sample-test can be required.

We gladly make you a non-binding offer, according to your products and wishes. For an offer we need
the following data in order to check if you need a Gost-R-Certificate or a TR-CU-/EAC-Certificate:

- Are you producer and/or exporter?
In which Certification are you interested (1-lot or serial)?
Productlist in English with customs-codes
English datasheets of the products
Evtl. copies of already existing certificates/declarations, test-reports etc.
Copy of the contract for the delivery (only for 1-lot Certification)