Russian FSS-Notification (Federal Security Service)

A FSS-Notification is not a certificate but a registration in Russian Federal Security Service.

It is a document which end-clients in Russia are requesting more and more often from their

suppliers and producers (at the moment the Russian customs is not requesting it).



Until now the FSS-Notification was necessary mainly for mobile-phones or telecommunication-

equipment. But in future, probably almost all devices, that transfer/receive encrypted data have

to be registered in FSS in form of a Notification.



Many types of equipment are now built with various transmitters and radio/Bluetooth/Wifi-devices

that transfer encrypted data.


The procedure of FSS-Registration is not that difficult because no product-tests or company-visits

are necessary. However, there has to be done some preparation-work, e.g. an apostile-authorization

of the applicant etc. before the Notification can be prepared and send to FFS for approval.  



A FSS-Notification has no validity persiod and has to be done only once but for almost all types of

products that contain transmitting/receiving cryptographic modules.


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