Rostest Moscow

Dear friends,

We are pleased to welcome you on our site.
The management and specialists of Rostest-Moscow are prepared to respond to any your questions and
to help you to settle any problems. We are capable to make the whole spectrum of services in the field
of tests, metrology and certification at the highest professional level.

Rostest-Moscow testing centre is one of the biggest in Europe. At the disposal of testing centre people
there are more than 500 test beds, appliances, instruments and analytical equipment. All laboratories
make tests in the field of mandatory and voluntary certification with the purpose of safety and quality

The activity of Rostest-Moscow metrological complex is directed at assuring and supporting uniformity
of measurements in health care, communication systems, environment and other spheres of activity.

Measurement standard verification base consisting of more than 150 reference and working standards
permits to make metrological assurance of practically all types of means of measurements of home and
imported production.

Quality and objectivity of our tests and trials have won recognition by international organizations,
reputable expert and testing centres and consumer institutes.

Results of household appliances tests are recognized in all countries which participate in the IEC System
on conformance of results of tests and certification of electrical equipment (IECEE-CB).

We make endurance, performance and comparative tests of electrical appliances of the leading producers
of the world.

Recently we are launching an effective work on quality assessment. This is a new direction of activity
in principle: in the conditions of the market, competition, often not conscientious advertisement a very
strong necessity is felt in informing consumers about the real quality of goods, on one part, and in
supporting conscientious producers by competent verification of a high quality of the their products,
on the other part.

Realizing social importance of information about results of our activity on assessment of safety and
quality we attach great significance to dissemination of this information and bringing it to the attention
of the consumers. We make an active work with mass media: on our results of tests the newspaper and
magazine publications, TV and radio reports are based. Rostest-Moscow experts are permanent advisers
in TV consumer programs. There is a permanently acting exhibition where we exhibit the products which
quality we verify and on the contrary there are samples of products which were not allowed to enter the
market or which were withdrawn from trade circulation.

Our site - it is one more step to mutual advantageous cooperation with you. 

Yours faithfully,
Vitaly Bas
General Director