Metrology Pattern Approval


The Metrological Pattern Approval is an official document which is necessary for use/operation of measurement devices/instruments in Russia. It is issued to make sure that the products comply with the present regulations
in the Russian Federation.

It has a validity of 5 years and is issued by the Russian Ministry (Federal Agency on Technical Regulations
and Metrology in the Russian Federation). Our experts will do all the preparation-work, tests/company-visits
and collect all necessary documents and submit everything to the Ministry.

A MPA-Certificate is only valid in Russia and not in the other countries of the Customs Union.
or all products which need an obligatory MPA-Certification an annual calibration/verification is obligatory.

A MPA-Certification requires obligatory sample-tests and in some cases also a company-visit.
Additionally, many documents are requested like e.g.:
- Technical datasheets of the equipment in English and Russian
- Copies of internal or external test-reports
- Copies of verification-certificates and calibration-reports
- Manuals in Russian
- Copy of a TR-CU-/EAC-Certificate

We can check for you if your products will need a MPA-Certification for use/operation in the Russian Federation.
For that we would need the following information:
- Are you producer and/or exporter?
- Productlist in English with customs-codes
- English/Russian datasheets of the products, evtl. manuals
- Evtl. copies of already existing certificates/declarations, test-reports etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.