EX-Certification for export to the Customs Union

For import to Customs Union products that are marked ATEX need a TR-CU-EX-Certificate.
Customs is entitled to check that and can block the goods if the Certificate is not provided.

Technical devices used in hazardous production-facilities should be certified to prove their conformity to the industrial safety requirements set by the Russian Federation/Customs Union Law. All explosion proof electrical equipment is subject to obligatory TR-CU-EX-Certification because it falls within the category of dangerous equipment. In order to issue a TR-CU-EX-Certificate already existing ATEX-Certificates are required.

Certification will be done according to CU TR 012/2011 "On safety of the eqipment for work in explosive environments".


For an EAC-EX-Certification a factory-audit at producer's site, sample-tests (by an accredited Russian laboratory) and annual inspections are obligatory. Besides, a good documentation is requested.


A TR-CU-EX-Certificate does not replace the TR-CU-/EAC-Certificate, but generally a TR-CU-Certificate is not required if a TR-CU-EX-Certificate is available.

There are different classes of hazardous areas. Normally these have to correspond with the existing
ATEX-Certificates and TR-CU-EX-Certificates.

Since 15.03.2015 the TR-CU-EX-Certificate replaces the previous TR-EX resp. Gost-R-EX-Certificates.
It is necessary for import to the Customs Union.

TR = Technical Regulation 

CU = Customs Union

Unlike previous Certificates, which were valid only in Russia, a TR-CU-EX-Certificate is valid in all countries
of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan).

It should be noted that the applicant/certificate-holder for TR-CU-EX-Certificates always has to be a Russian company, resp. a company that is registered in the Customs Union (a company that must have registration
and is considered as legal entity in Russia/Customs Union)! Of course, nevertheless, the exporter or producer
can order the EX-Certification himself like before. Then the exporter or producer also receives the Original

Since many companies do not have an own Russian company/branch or fixed contract-partner/client/importer
in the Customs Union, we can offer the exclusive possibility, to use our Russian partner-company as applicant/certificate-holder for serial Certificates (not possible for 1-lot Certificates).
That company was founded especially for this purpose.

This unique system guarantees export-companies, after the changes from 15.03.2015,  customs-clearance without problems, sale to different clients and commissioning on the market. As marketing advantage it
may be mentioned that the certificate-holder in this case is am independent third party.

The certified products have to be provided with the EX-Sign. Further information you can find in chapter
“EAC-Sign Information”.

Like before, there is the possibility to issue TR-CU-EX-Certificates for contract-based resp. 1-lot deliveries
or also with a validity of 1 – 5 years.

A 1-lot EX-Certificate can be issued only based on documents, if the ATEX-documentation is sufficient.
For serial Certificates (with 1 – 5 year validity), a company-visit at producer’s/exporter’s plant and
sample-tests are obligatory. Since 2019 also inspection-controls every 1-2 years have to be done.

We gladly make you a non-binding offer, according to your products and wishes.
For an offer we need the following data:
Are you producer and/or exporter?
In which Certification are you interested (1-lot or serial)?
Productlist in Englisch with customs-codes
English datasheets of the products
Copies of the existing ATEX-Certificates
Evtl. copies of already existing certificates/declarations, test-reports etc.
Copy of the contract for the delivery (only for 1-lot Certification)