Testing complex of JSC Rostest-Moscow, one of the largest in Europe.

A high qualification of specialists and up-to-date level of laboratory equipment make it possible to perform
quickly and at a high quality level.

In the Testing Centre of food and agricultural production the tests are made on microbiological indices as
well as content of nitrates, toxic elements, rests of pesticides, mycotoxines and other impurities.
In accordance with suppliers’ and consumer’s applications the analyses are carried out on compliance of
different products to the demands of the state standards.

In testing arsenal of industrial products there are about 500 stands, instruments and apparatuses, devices
and equipment manufactured in most of the cases under special orders in one copy. '
Some examples of producttestings in Rostest-Moscow:

  • textiles
  • toys
  • footwear
  • fur and leather wearing
  • furniture
  • home electric appliances
  • electrical medial instruments
  • garage equipment
  • etc.

In the laboratories of comparative and edurance tests on indexes of reliability and functional characteristics
are studied:

  • washing maschines
  • freezers
  • home electric appliances
  • heating instruments
  • etc.