Certifications and tests for your business in and to
Russia and the Customs Union / Eurasian Economic Union

Dear exporter,
Dear sirs,

Doing business with Russia can often be accompanied by considerable problems like
e.g. bad communication, complicated bureaucracy, sudden law changes, long
waiting-periods etc., all resulting in unexpected additional costs.

Especially because of the Customs Union / Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan) the regulations and laws have changed dramatically. Since 15.03.2015 most Certificates which were only valid in Russia (e.g. Gost-R or TR-Certificates) are  replaced  by Certificates which are valid in all countries of the Customs Union. These Certificates are called TR-CU or EAC.

Therefore we would like to offer you our support with our various services.

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We wish you a lot of success and good business on the Russian and Customs Union

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