A RTN-approval is a kind of “operating-license” and it is issued by the Federal Service for Ecological,
Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor).
Often is it obligatory for equipment that is used in Russia for potentially dangerous substances etc.
For example equipment and appliances which are used in the gas-, oil- or chemical-industry or in mining.

A RTN-approval has a validity of 5 years.

For an obligatory RTN-approval the experts need a lot of documents like e.g.: 
• Operation-/instruction-/ and dismantling manuals of all products
   in Russian
• Protocols and other documents regarding product-testing and factory
   test-reports with translation into Russian
• Other existing European quality- or safety-certificates, CE-certificates
• Technical documentation (descriptions, drawings, photos, datasheets)
   of all products in English and Russian
• Gost-R and/or TR-certificate
• ISO-certificate
• Guarantee-declaration by the producer
• Application for approval signed and stamped by producer
But during the approval-process more/other documents probably will be requested depending on the
type  of product.

For obtaining a RTN-approval, testing of the products/equipment by Russian experts at producer’s plant
is obligatory. But before a company-visit will be planned, all documentation will be collected and checked
by the experts to define the certification- and testing-scheme/procedure.

After complete documentation and finished tests the normal timescale for a RTN-approval is about 3 months.

We will check for you if your products/equipment will need obligatory RTN-certification. For that we need
a product-list with customs-codes, data-sheets in English/Russian and information how and for which
purpose your equipment will be used in Russia.