How can I get a Certificate for the Customs Union
if I do not have an address in Russia?

We hear this question very often because the new Certificates which are issued and are valid in the
Customs Union (TR-CU-/EAC-Certificates/-Declarations) can only be issued on the name of a Russian
company resp. a company that must be registered and considered as legal entity in the Customs Union.

But many European companies do not have an own Russian company/branch and they do not want to
have the Certificate be issued on the name of a client or importer e.g. because they want to deliver to
different clients.

For this problem we can offer an exclusive and perfect solution: 

Our Russian partner-company has founded a company which can be used as certificate-holder/applicant for serial Certificates! This company only acts in this function.

This is a big advantage for you because the certificate-holder/applicant in this case is an independent
third party and so you can deliver without problems to different clients and importers in the Customs Union.
This can be an important advantage for marketing, because you do not depend on one specific client or
importer in the Customs Union.

You as producer and/or exporter will get the original Certificate.

This is possible only for serial TR-CU-/EAC-Certificates/-Declarations (with validity of 1-5 years).
For 1-lot Certificates the certificate-holder/applicant always must be the contract-partner from Russia
or Customs Union).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.