Endurance, Performance and Comparative Tests

Rostest-Moscow is the only one testing organization in Russia which confirmed the ability of making
performance tests of household appliances in accordance with IEC/EN International Standards.

Indispensable component of civilized market is accessibility for the consumer to objective information
about such functional properties and peculiarities of goods as real period of service, performance,
electric safety and vibration stability.

In the laboratory of research and endurance tests which is a part of the Testing Center the following
appliances on indices of quality, reliability, consumer properties and performance characteristics are tested:

Household appliances
washing machines, tumble dryers, dish washing machines
fridges, deep freezers
vacuum cleaners, washing vacuum cleaners
kitchen appliances (food processors, coffee grinders, mincers, toasters etc.)
heaters and water heaters (irons, convectors etc.)

Household chemicals
- detergents
reagents for reducing hardness of water

Textile materials

The Testing Centre is equipped with all necessary equipment for making performance tests in accordance
with  the requirements of international standards. In the Centre there is a reference washing machine
Wascator FOM 71 CLLS (the only one in Russia) without which it is not possible to make performance
tests of washing machines. The reputation of the Testing Centre has been confirmed by participation in
the work of Technical Committee 59 "Performance characteristics of household appliances", subcommittee
59D "household equipment for treatment of linen", IEC working groups 17,18 and 19 (www.iec.ch.)

Performance tests of household appliances are made to confirm the data stated by the producer on
“energy labels” as specified in European Directive 92/75/EEC.

Comparative tests are carried out on individual programs agreed with the Client to compare characteristics
and properties of household appliances , chemicals and textile.

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