Hygienic-Certification / State Registration

Hygienic-Certification (Sanitary Epidemiological Approval)

Since 1st of July 2010 Hygienic-Certification in Russia does not exist any more like before.
This has do do with the Customs Union.

Hygienic-Registration (State Registration)


After 1st of July 2010 the Hygienic-Certificate is replaced by the new Hygienic Registration (State
Registration Certificate). State registration certificate is the document which proves hygienie (sanitary)
production safety on the territory of the Customs Union.
The certificate is issued by Rospotrebnadzor and is valid unlimitedly in the countries of the Customs Union. Certificate-holder can be the importer and evtl. the producer, if production is made on the territory of
Customs Union.


The necessary documents for State Hygienic Registration have to be submitted in English with official
Russian translation (apostilled). Additionally, sample-tests are required.


The amount of Hygienic Registrations depends on the composition of the products. If the composition
does not differ more than 5%, Hygienic Registrations of some products can be combined eventually.


Rospotrebnadzor issues the list of goods for which it is obligatory to get State Registration Certificate.
For products, which do not need obligatory Hygienic Registration, Rospotrebnadzor can issue an official
document which confirms this. So this document is a kind of negative-statement.

A State Registration e.g. is necessary for following product-groups:
- Cosmetic articles
- Clothes for children and babies
- Food additives
- Products for processing of drinking water