Fire Safety Certificate

The Fire-Safety-Certificate is a document which confirms that the products correspond with the requirements
of fire-safety- and construction-laws and regulations as well as the national Russian standards. A fire-safety-certification is done according to present Russian laws and can only be carried out by an accredited Russian organization. In the process the products are checked by the Russian experts regarding their fire-resistance
and danger of explosion. Additionally it is tested, if and which toxic gases are generated in case of fire.

There are voluntary and obligatory fire-safety-certifications and different fire-safety-classifications.
The specific requirements for these vary. Validity can be 1 or 3 years for example.

In some cases a fire-safety-certification is requested for a TR-CU-/EAC-Certificate.

An obligatory fire-safety-certification is necessary for example for following products:
- heat-generating systems/equipment
- materials
- electromagnetic and electric devices/equipment
- wall-coverings and floorings
- building-constructions
- products for fire-fighting

We will check for you without obligation if you need a Fire-Safety-Certification for your products or not.
Please send us the following documents:
- address of producer end exporter
- product-list with composition and customs-codes in English and Russian
- technical informations on the products in English and Russian
- copies of evtl. already existing national or international quality- or fire-safety-certificates