Negative-Statement / Decision of Exempt

A Negative-Statement or Exemption-Letter is a document which confirms officially that the respective

product does not need an obligatory EAC-Certification for the import in the Customs Union or Russia.

A Negative-Statement has no legal force and is not a replacement for a Certificate but it is important

for marketing-reasons and it can be helpful if there are problems at the customs or if a client asks

for a confirmation. But meanwhile the Customs often does not accept these any more.


Therefore, a so-called official Decision of Exempt will be issued! For this, the Certification Body first makes

an Application form and registers it in their database and also in the database of the FSA (Federal Service

for Accreditation). After that they take the official Decision that this Application cannot be taken into work

because the product does not require any approval.

Normally, this document is accepted much better by the Customs.


We gladly make you a non-binding offer, according to your products and wishes. For an offer we need the

following data to check if a Negative-Statement can be issued or if you will need an obligatory TR-CU- or
EAC-Certificate/Declaration of Conformity:
- Are you producer and/or exporter?

- Product-list in English with customs-codes

- English datasheets of the products

- Evtl. copies of already existing certificates/declarations, test-reports etc.